Baby, If you forgot how to read

Baby, If you forgot how to read
I would teach you a whole new way to look at the world
So that each tree was a poem about good and evil
and every wave of the ocean was the hello or goodbye of a lover
Or a friend.
I want to knit you a quilt made of mathematical equations and questions that i have no good answers for –  like why bad things happen to good people.
Maybe I look too deep
Some people say that I’m going to come up gasping for air one day
Because I have been trapped twenty thousand leagues beneath my own sea
But I just smile, rub the salt water out of my stinging eyes
And say: I breathe syllables and rhymes, not air
But that salt water – it will always hurt your eyes, darling
So sometimes you have to close  them when you are in your own world
But don’t worry that you’ll miss life speeding by you
Because on the inside of your eyelids is where fairies fly
And you can taste your dreams
Mine have always been mint chocolate chip flavored
But your eyes tell me that your dreams will taste like red strawberries
Filled with passion and love
Follow the sound of your father’s guitar angel
He always plays the major chords that you need on rainy days
And his long pianist’s fingers will never fail to point you in the right direction
And when youre on your  daddy’s path, don’t forget about the strength
Of your right hand and the kindness in your left
Look at your mama, she’s a warrior princess
Standing in the battlefield of truth, she is liberty leading the people
With her mind and her words
And We need words words words, my child
Write them and hold them close to your soul
So that when you approach your creator, you can use words like your namesake, Chana
To speak to God like a friend, who knows your pain and your joy
Who holds your hand and puts a barrier between you and your troubles
And there will be some troubles my dear
But remember and never forgot
That you are clad with the armor of wisdom
Of your grandmother Chana
And like her, you will use your eyes to catch all the world’s joy
use your ears to soak in knowledge and stories
use your hands to hold the hands of all those around you
So If someone tells you that you are unimportant – take your finger and touch it to their lips to silence them
I am sure that they will feel the greatness in your touch
Soft and kind as the angel who brought you to us
Today we hold you in our arms and bless you with happiness kindness and a good head to place on your shoulders
But the familiar wisdom in your eyes grips me as I stare deep into them
And without words, I know that you will teach me far more than i could ever teach you.