Help For Abuse Victims: Yeshiva University Survivor

In light of the recently uncovered sexual abuse case out of Yeshiva University, a website has been created to help abuse victims of that institution. Yeshiva University Survivor was created by Moredechai I. Twersky and several other victims of abuse, who are using the website to create a confidential community of YU survivors, where victims [...]


Abercrombie’s Repulsive Marketing Strategy: Target Only The “Cool” And “Thin”

Earlier this year, The Beacon Mag ran an issue on the impact of Eating Disorders in the Orthodox community, and several of the authors even accused our Orthodox culture of contributing to the spread of these diseases. But while there are undoubtedly many possibly triggering elements within our religious culture, it is important to remind [...]


Interview with James Kugel

Could you give a brief description of what the academic community currently feels about when and by whom the Torah was written? Does an academic consensus really exist about how the Torah came to be written? Are Wellhausen’s divisions still seen as the foundation of how the academic community divides up the Torah? I have [...]


The World of the Orthopract, Part 2

In the previous segment, we defined just what Orthopraxy was. Now I will explain what led me to that state. I was born in an Orthodox household, in a large Orthodox community in the New York area. My home life was quite stable, without any sort of stress outside of ordinary growing up, and my [...]


On the Importance of Holocaust Day for the Children of Survivors

When I was growing up, there was no Holocaust remembrance day. My parents, all my relatives, and all my parents’ friends were Holocaust survivors. Almost all of my friends’ parents, and even a couple of my teachers at Yeshiva, were survivors. In the fourth grade, I ran home excited to tell my father, “Rabbi Greenberg [...]


Of All The Dishonest

I have a problem with ultra-Orthodox Kiruv. I have a problem with the full-color glossy Kiruv, sold with carefully worded posters, programs, videos, and double standards. I have a problem with the Kiruv that loudly declares that they welcome all Jews, but then denigrates their backgrounds when they think that nobody is listening. That’s the [...]


The Right Mekarev

When dealing with the topic of Kiruv, there is always a little bit of a double-edged sword. Back in high school, I remember that a Rabbi once described NCSY to me as, “Mekarev HaRechokim Umerachek HaKrovim“: it brings closer those who are far [from Orthodoxy] and pushes away those who are close. While my experiences [...]


Going off the Derech

No. it wasn’t the restrictions; it was more than that. It was like being imprisoned. I walked around my house feeling trapped on all four sides. I walked outside feeling ambushed by my community, my ultra- Orthodox community. Wherever I went, it was like there was a rope tied around my neck, blocking my blood [...]


Reaching the Wrong Crowd

It was spring semester for the Yeshivot in Israel. The Ohr Sameach in Jerusalem had just been donated a full set of Artscroll Talmud. Many students cooed at the freshly printed books lining what was formerly a completely barren shelf. Only a handful dared touch the sacred tomes. Some days they simply sat there, gathering [...]

Eating Disorders


TRIGGER WARNING: This content deals with an account of  an individual with anorexia and may be triggering to those struggling with an eating disorder. It couldn’t be. Those doctors were wrong; they had to be. After all the tests I took, the pain I went through, and the tears that were shed, this was the [...]