Help For Abuse Victims: Yeshiva University Survivor

In light of the recently uncovered sexual abuse case out of Yeshiva University, a website has been created to help abuse victims of that institution. was created by Moredechai I. Twersky and several other victims of abuse, who are using the website to create a confidential community of YU survivors, where victims are even allowed to use pseudonyms to protect their identities. The website has already been contacted by several victims, which shows that there are likely many others yet to come forward.

The website contains several pages, with an dedicated to explaining the recently uncovered case. It outlines all of the related articles published since Twersky’s original piece in the Beacon.

Our hearts go out to the survivors of abuse, and we at the Beacon will continue to offer support. We encourage all victims of abuse to come forth with their stories if they are comfortable doing so.