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Summer Highlights: American Ballet Theater Comes to Lincoln Center

Lincoln Center’s Metropolitan Opera hosted a repertory of ballets by the American Ballet Theater company for the summer season, from May to July. The season featured a number of classics, presenting a different show every week. Here are some highlights from three different shows in June. Romeo and Juliet. Prokofiev’s ballet version of Shakespeare’s classic [...]


Seeing Elie Wiesel At The 92 Street Y

When Dr. Weisel speaks, you listen. Not only if you are Jewish, either. The auditorium was packed–plenty of Jews came to hear him talk, yes, but plenty of non-Jews were there, too. The place was rapt from the first word he spoke; and when ten minutes after starting time he paused to let latecomers troop [...]


A Signal in the Noise

Subsequent to the national acclaim achieved by Nate Silver for his accurate predictions of the 2012 senatorial and presidential elections, I was moved to read his recently published book, The Signal and the Noise, to see how a master of prediction looks at the world. Somewhat to my surprise, I found that the book contains [...]


People of the Book: A Seforim Sale Review

The Seforim Sale is an annual emblem of Yeshiva University. Inviting hundreds of Jewish shoppers through its doors in the span of one wintry month, the Sale exposes shoppers to a wide-ranging selection of Jewish literature. The cavernous room that is Weissberg Commons houses this eventful place. However many stereotypes persist (and confirm themselves) that [...]


Pop Culture and Feminism: Why Lady Gaga Freaks You Out and Ke$ha Awkwardly Disturbs You

People are often under the impression that men oppress women by making them into sex objects. Women’s rights movements place media and pop culture on the cross for encouraging this oppressive behavior, since pop culture continues this supposed oppression through its numerous portrayals of women. Women’s rights activists assert that scantily clad women are being [...]


Jews Shaking it the Harlem Way

From your favorite NFL stars to your hippie granny, everybody seems to be doing the “Harlem shake” these days. Some have even called it the new Gangnam style, but that’s because they just don’t know better. The Harlem shake ushers in the new era of video memes. Twitter’s vine app bravely ventured into this new [...]


Blog Talk: An Interview with Heshy Fried, Author of Frum Satire

Frum Satire was created by Heshy Fried in 2006.  Since then, the blog’s popularity has exploded, with an ever-widening readership and hundreds of comments.  The blog, which discusses Jews and the differences between us in a humorous light, has garnered a wide variety of responses, from admiration and appreciation to anger and outrage.  In this [...]


Theater Talk: A Review of The Heiress

Jewish Orthodox women are no strangers to the social pressure of finding a husband. Catherine Sloper, the protagonist of The Heiress, finds herself in a similar predicament when her cousin’s recent engagement throws the spotlight onto her own single-hood. Cripplingly shy and socially awkward, Catherine does not inspire the viewer with confidence that she will [...]


It’s Not A Chick Flick If They Don’t End Up Together

This article contains spoilers for the movies Love and Other Drugs, Friends with Kids, Blue Valentine and Pride and Prejudice. Please be advised that some of the hyperlinks include profanity. I take issue with many chick flicks. Known also as romantic comedies – if they’re funny – or romance movies – if they’re not – [...]