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People of the Book: A Seforim Sale Review

The Seforim Sale is an annual emblem of Yeshiva University. Inviting hundreds of Jewish shoppers through its doors in the span of one wintry month, the Sale exposes shoppers to a wide-ranging selection of Jewish literature. The cavernous room that is Weissberg Commons houses this eventful place. However many stereotypes persist (and confirm themselves) that [...]


Challenge Accepted

Late last year, a good friend of mine and former co-worker wrote an article entitled, “An Open Challenge to the Seforim Sale.” Published first by The Beacon and picked up subsequently by the Commentator, the article, which contained multiple inaccuracies and deceptive implications, was initially brought to my attention by multiple students. While I was [...]


An Open Challenge to the Seforim Sale

Just hearing the term Seforim Sale arouses many different thoughts. Some people think of books they want to purchase, others think of the chance of catching up with old friends, and some think of meeting their besheret. But when I hear “Seforim Sale,” I think of something totally different. As someone who was involved in [...]