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Nowhere but Here, There, and Everywhere

In many ways, Yeshiva University has been having a banner year: the largest incoming class, a new curriculum, a newly accredited business school. All this and more is in the works at YU, and this is truly an exciting time, both for those who are connected to YU and for those who wish to be. [...]


People of the Book: A Seforim Sale Review

The Seforim Sale is an annual emblem of Yeshiva University. Inviting hundreds of Jewish shoppers through its doors in the span of one wintry month, the Sale exposes shoppers to a wide-ranging selection of Jewish literature. The cavernous room that is Weissberg Commons houses this eventful place. However many stereotypes persist (and confirm themselves) that [...]


Jews Shaking it the Harlem Way

From your favorite NFL stars to your hippie granny, everybody seems to be doing the “Harlem shake” these days. Some have even called it the new Gangnam style, but that’s because they just don’t know better. The Harlem shake ushers in the new era of video memes. Twitter’s vine app bravely ventured into this new [...]


Marrying Young

As many of my peers and I have observed, there seems to be an epidemic of sorts sweeping the Modern Orthodox community. This outbreak is not directly health-related in nature, but is a manifestation of a basic human desire – the desire to marry. Virtually every guy from Yeshiva University (YU) or girl from Stern [...]


Three Reasons I’d Still Choose YU

In today’s world, attending secular university is becoming easier and easier for the frum Jew. From kosher cafeterias to vibrant Hillel communities, more and more structures are being put in place to allow the average Jew to not only survive, but to thrive at any number of universities. Of course, university life also has a [...]

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Letter to the Editor: Sexual Abuse

This article includes graphic details. Reader discretion is advised. Mordechai Twersky had guts to publish “Sexual Abuse in Institutions of Education.” It’s not easy to come forward publicly as a victim of sexual assault. I cannot bring myself to reveal my identity and I suppose that alone may prevent you from publishing this letter. Or [...]


A True Freshman

As has been the tradition for years, most American students enter college at the ripe age of 18. In fairly recent times, though, the Orthodox Jewish community has begun to encourage its youth to first spend a year (or two) in the Holy Land before venturing out into the mythologized world of textbooks and wild [...]

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Kippot: A Communal Issue?

Yeshiva University is unique in that, compared to any other Yeshivah in the world, they let their students get away with a ton. YU does not force anyone to be religious. They don’t kick people out for not keeping Shabbos or touching girls. The basic assumption is that they want these people in a Torah [...]


Observations of a Malcontent: Declaring Independence in a Religiously Structured Context

GOALS OF OUR POLICY: The University’s policy is designed to insure that recruitment, hiring, training, promotion, and all other personnel actions take place, and all programs involving students, both academic and non-academic, are administered without regard to race, religion, creed, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, veteran or disabled veteran status, genetic predisposition/carrier status, marital [...]


Sexual Abuse in Institutions of Education

“Of all the sins of omission committed by Penn State University in its alleged mishandling of sexual assaults, perhaps the most unforgivable was the failure to find the young boy who was seen being victimized in 2002. It seemed not to occur to anyone to try to identify this child or to consider that he [...]

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