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Pop Culture and Feminism: Why Lady Gaga Freaks You Out and Ke$ha Awkwardly Disturbs You

People are often under the impression that men oppress women by making them into sex objects. Women’s rights movements place media and pop culture on the cross for encouraging this oppressive behavior, since pop culture continues this supposed oppression through its numerous portrayals of women. Women’s rights activists assert that scantily clad women are being [...]


Feminism: A Narrow Bridge

A few years ago I attended Women at the Wall in Jerusalem on Rosh Chodesh Elul. The first part of the davening at the kotel was beautiful and moved me to tears. Afterwards, we traveled to the other side of the kotel to read the Torah. Unbeknownst to me, reading the Torah also involved donning [...]


Reflections on the Growing Role of Women in our Society

Time seems too instantaneous to fully appreciate the subtle differences from one moment to the next. To gain clarity and perceptive, one needs to temporarily transcend time. With this, I invite the reader to briefly muse with me on the development of the status of women in our society. My thoughts are primarily the product [...]


Orthodoxy and Feminism: Another Dialectic? Not According to Blu Greenberg

Last Wednesday evening, TEIQU hosted Blu Greenberg for a lecture entitled “Does Feminism Have a Place in Orthodoxy?” Ms. Greenberg, first president and co-founder of the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance (JOFA), opened the lecture with two leading questions: one, is there a place for feminist values in Orthodoxy? And two, is there a place for [...]