The Bridge

A bridge that I no longer cross,
Which spans the gap from brain to hear,
It’s drowned in rising mounds of dust,
A bridge that I once traveled oft.

The memory of what’s beyond,
Forgotten by prolonged neglect.
Connection lost to emotion,
A bridge that used to serve as link.

A heavy toll upon my thoughts,
Whose weight taxes cognitive strength,
Harsh tariff for a thinking man,
A bridge that fines a hefty sum.

The mystery of what’s beyond
Spurs drive for gathering knowledge.
What secrets exist across it,
A bridge that captures attention.

Time wasted on preparation,
On quelling logic’s figured doubt.
But I must see what hides ahead,
A bridge that recalls troubled past.

One shaky step upon the stone,
Begins the journey to the self.
Each action calculated on
A bridge that trembles underfoot.

Fantastic discovery awaits
That beckons me to reckless haste
So I may regain missing part -
A bridge that proved my redemption.

Intact emotions have me know
That what I’m thinking feels alright.
I’ll see it stays in good repair,
A bridge that I will always cross.