Genetically Modified Kilayim

In the coming November elections, foodies across the nation will be staying up late to watch for the results of a ballot initiative in California. Voters in the Golden State will be deciding on Proposition 37, an initiative which, if passed, would require any food item containing genetically-modified plant or animal material to be labelled [...]


Asmachta for the Modern Age

Environmentalism is one of the most prominent social movements of our time, addressing crucial concerns for the future of the planet. Indeed, some (albeit mostly those opposed to the movement) have gone so far as to call it a secular substitute for religion, and from looking at many of its most extreme adherents, the claim [...]


Kashering Solartopia

For some 130 years – a mere nanosecond in Jewish history – Orthodox Jews have chosen not to use electric lights on Shabbat, the Biblical sacred day of rest. But the scientific realities behind this relatively young tradition have been transformed by the Solartopian Revolution in renewable energy. Additionally, new research on diet and health [...]


Environmentalism in Judaism

At first glance, Judaism’s perspective on modern issues like environmentalism seems unclear. People often ask how Judaism responds to a new phenomenon, but the question itself is slightly distorted. The mishna in Avot (5:22) tells us to “delve deeply into it [the Torah] for everything is contained in it.” The notion that Torah is all-encompassing [...]