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Zu Schorah V’Zu Torah?

Jewish education in America is facing a crisis. Ever since the economic meltdown in 2008, publication after publication, from venerable weekly newspaper to personal blog, has declared that the sky is falling and day school tuition has reached the point of unaffordability for the average Jewish family. Jewish communities across America are finally doing some [...]


Jewish Education Failures

I am currently a freshman in Yeshiva College, and I plan to go into the field of Jewish Education. I am very set on this career choice, and no manner of attempted persuasion by well-meaning relatives who want me to go into a field more lucrative will veer me off my chosen course. Seeing my [...]


Education, Oh No!

Education has ridden on the back-burner of American politics for a long time. Occasionally, the press publishes surveys which indicate that the United States is falling behind the rest of the world in key testable areas such as math and science. Frequently, teachers’ unions spark fights with state legislators about wages and seniority rights of [...]