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Straight No More

Homosexuality is the new Black. Take up the causes and show off to the world just how progressive you are with your pink attire and lambda tattoos. Everyone will think you’re swimming against the tide of homophobia that’s so rampant in a corrupt government. You’ll be just like the news, a champion of justice, a [...]


A Plea for Tolerance

As we see in the media all too often, homosexuality is one of the most highly debated social issues of our day. At an age when people begin exploring, questioning, and experimenting with their sexuality, I constantly hear different opinions and views on the topic. Growing up in a Jewish community, I’ve been exposed to [...]


The Crime of Denial

Boston’s renowned Maimonides School was established by Rav Soloveitchik in 1937, and it maintains a reputation for providing some of the most advanced learning Jewish day schools can offer. This past fall, it offered a variety of history courses to the senior class, including AP Government, Art History, and, amongst others, a Minorities in America [...]